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Located in the heart of Umbria, Akasha is born as a place of spirituality and relaxation. Enjoy what it means to be surrounded by Italian coppice and escaping the noises of city life.

Born as a place of relaxation, Akasha focuses on a sane mind and body. We have many services to offer you that are on site. Yoga lessons, a sauna, a jacuzzi, massages and meditation seminars are some of the activities offered to help our clients unwind. We also have an outdoor pool that is secluded from the residence. Even taking walks around the villa is an indulgence. The large trees, sunlight and fresh air of Umbria bring tranquility in an otherwise bustling world.

Here at Akasha,if you choose to dine in with us, enjoy organic food grown from our garden. We can cater to all diets if needed. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or on the paleo diet, we have menu options available. We provide food for a healthy and clean lifestyle. Although we might be focused on clean eating, all of our recipes are based of mediterranean recipe.

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We are here to help you align your mind, body, and spirit into harmony.

About Akasha

Cristina and Davide are experts in adventure. From owning businesses in Italy, to risking it all and moving to the United States. These owners know what it means to be constantly working and moving forward. But as the doors opened in the United States one thing became clear, it was time to head home. Since then, they have decided to open a relaxation resort in Gubbio, Italy.

Why did they do it?
The word enlightenment has been around for millenniums. First brought into existence by Siddhartha Gautama, the buddha , only a select few are able to experience this spiritual awakening. This realization is brought upon by major life tragedies ranging from deaths, divorce, health crises and more. These few people understand society’s habits, beliefs and conditioning and realize there is more to life than what has been taught to them.

Cristina is one of these select few that has experienced a spiritual awakening and has reached enlightenment. Cristina entered a dark place in her life and officially reached rock bottom with her ‘ego’ which lasted for three years. At the end of this time period, a rebirth had occurred. After this spiritual awakening, the want for knowledge and understanding of what had happened to Cristina was too much. Years of self-research and understanding from others who had similar experiences such as Osho, Yogananda and more. Each life different from one another and yet extremely alike.

Cristina wants to share her experience and knowledge. People who come to Akasha have a range of things that will help them find themselves. In addition to yoga, massages, meditation and more, people can have one-on-one personalized life-coaching with Cristina. Many people are trying to find themselves and Akasha Resort is here to help you both mentally and physically. Experience what it means to have your own sage that will help you understand what your life is truly about. Cristina is not interested in just the positives and what most people want to hear. The honesty, good or bad, is a necessity to grow and here at Akasha you can experience your own personal growth and understanding. We wait for you here at Akasha Resort.

Akasha wants to be also a cultural place where people can get together discuss and talk. Akasha loves books! However, we are not fond of televisions! Therefore, televisions are not equipped in the rooms. Because Akasha is a place of relaxation, only kids over 15 are welcome.

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Strada di San Simeone, 26
06024 Gubbio (PG) - IT